For cost effectiveness and smooth running of any job the best investment of time is before breaking ground.

We do site evaluation and get a thorough understanding of clients needs, priorities and vision.

We also evaluate alternative materials and building types to compare costs.

We analyze all facets of project from construction plans, systems to hard and soft landscaping to give a complete and honest bid.


Due to our unique location planning is of essence to control budget and maintain quality.

Materials are selected for quality but also cost effectiveness and utility.


We are highly organized and use proven construction methods that limit wasted time and material, without compromising quality.

We have heavy equipment, machinery and specialized tools for many processes. We have a cabinet and a welding shop. This is to streamline processes and maintain quality but also to offer clients personalized services to be able to bring their vision to fruition.

No machinery can replace quality craftsmanship. This comes from knowledgeable artisans. We have a professional crew. Each and every member knows his or her trade well and works as a team.


From start to finish. To clients who are afar we send regular updates with photos and an explanation of ongoing process. To clients on site they can walk the job site and be part of the process.


Our projects are managed in such a way that all processes are fully integrated and each specific facet is accounted for.


We expect a high level of craftsmanship from our team. This comes from having experience but also good work ethic, sound job site safety , the right tools and a pleasant work environment. We offer many incentives to our employees including health benefits and a program to help them build their own houses and improve their standard of living.


Thorough walk through and sign off by client.

Explanation of systems and suggested areas of maintenance.

Continuing maintenance and upkeep program if required.