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For the profitability and good performance of any project, the best investment of time is before starting it.
We carry out an evaluation of the project site and in the most complete way possible, we obtain and understand the needs, priorities and vision of our clients.


Planning is essential to manage the budget and maintain quality. The materials are chosen based on quality, but it is also profitability and utility.

Executive projects

In Baja Sur Construction & Design we have a deep compromise to quality. For this we have the best team with architects and engineers who achieve the best projects with functional and esthetic designs and also make maximum use of the space.

Construction site

We use proven construction methods that minimize the loss of material and time without compromising quality. We have heavy equipment, machinery and specialized tools for many processes. We have a warehouse, carpentry, metal work. This is not only to streamline processes but also to maintain quality.

Management of procedures and services

We carry out your project from beginning to end, carrying out the procedures and building permits that it needs.